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The Positive Impact of 3D Printing on The Education System

3D printing is an emerging form of additive technology that produces objects from layers of materials. The technology is gaining popularity in the education field and various institutions from elementary schools and high schools to leading universities are utilizing 3D printers for many different purposes. The use of 3D printing technology in education in increasing at a fast rate because all types of educators are recognizing how the technology assists students in learning in visual and tangible ways. Many educators also believe it is important to introduce students to this emerging technology to prepare them for future employment.


The most common application of 3D printing in education is supporting courses in design engineering that use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to enable students to create three-dimensional models of their designs. 3D printing is a hands-on method that promotes a further understanding of mechanical and spatial awareness. Students can assess components, improve them, and assess how they fit into a larger object.

Teaching and Research

Higher education institutions are using 3D printers in a similar way with CAD systems to support engineering and design courses. They are also using the technology for various other types of disciplines including fine arts, architecture, and biomedical research. In engineering, 3D printers are able to create prototypes directly from digital data that enable students to assess their designs in a three-dimensional format. In fine arts, students are able to create a physical example of their projects to gain constructive feedback. For architecture, fast and low cost models enable the printing of various pieces during the length of a project and models serve as a part of the creative process. In biomedical research, 3D printers produce full color parts to enable researchers to accurately represent three-dimensional molecular models.



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