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Why Buy American Made Ink?

Why buy American made printer ink cartridges? Is printer ink made in the US as good as ink made in China? Buying printer ink made in the USA is good for the US economy, but is there any other reason to buy American made printer ink?

Printer Ink is printer ink... right? Most of us don’t bother to ask our printer manufacturer where they got the ink for their cartridges, but that actually might be a good idea, especially since not all printer ink is "created equal." Printer ink is typically manufactured in several different countries. For example, Mexico, China, Brazil, and other countries have a thriving export printer ink cartridge industry. As is the case in many industries, foreign sellers give American ink manufacturers some stiff competition. While we can all sit around and argue whether Toyotas or Fords are better vehicles, the winner is obvious when it comes to ink.

The Dark And Mysterious World of Printer Ink Cartridges

An inkjet cartridge can be filled with black, blue, yellow, green, and just about any other color in the spectrum, but in terms of anything below the surface, ink is still a mystery to ink cartridge purchasers. Consumers want to buy an inkjet cartridge that won’t break their budget, so if they see a low price tag they often forget about asking how and where the ink is made. Ink cartridges can certainly be expensive, especially as at-home color photo printing becomes more popular. It's hard to believe, but photos, documents, and marketing material used to be farmed out to small printing businesses and photo shops. We need ink, but most of us don’t know how it's made. Does it matter?

Why Are American Made Ink Cartridges the Best?

So what is the difference between imported inks and American made inks? What makes USA ink so valuable in a market where almost any ink will work due to consumer ignorance and confusing marketing tactics? The answer is a simple one. It’s all about quality, water-fastness, color integrity, archivability, and product purity. What does that mean? While these might sound like super-technical differences that don't mean anything to you, studies also show that American-made ink cartridges are less likely to leak than imported ones. Why? American ink manufacturers are held to higher quality assurance standards than foreign factories, so in some cases the $1 or $2 price difference could determine whether or not printer ink ends up all over your hands and the inside of your printer. Obviously, imported ink cartridges don't always leak, and every once in a while a substandard American-made ink cartridge accidentally makes it through. More often than not, though, the results are pretty clear.

Along with its quality assurance, American made printer ink cartridges are often more green, good for the environment and all-around Eco-friendly than imported cartridges. New American Eco-solvent inks used in piezo print head technology are turning ink into a recognizably environmentally-friendly product. American ink manufacturers lead the industry in maintaining high standards when it comes to developing high speed UV Curable inkjet ink, not to mention ink for re-manufactured ink cartridges and fine art reproductions.

Made in the U.S.A. Printer Ink Cartridges Do Their Part In Stimulating the American Economy

The US re-manufacturing process that produces printer cartridges is second to none. Cartridges are completely dismantled, inspected, cleaned, and then reassembled using quality market-grade ink, so often American ink produces prints that look like original brand-name ink cartridge prints. Why buy OEM ink if you can buy American-made re-manufactured ink and toner for a fraction of the cost? Learn even more about all of the differences between OEM, Remanufactured, and Refilled Cartridges here.

The re-manufacturing process is saving the American economy millions of dollars each year, so buying compatible ink is not only Eco-friendly, more cost-effective, and safer, but also does its part in stimulating the economy. Most of us don’t think about things like that until our printer runs out of ink. At that time, a quick decision must be made, and many of us just run to a chain office supply store without a second thought. That is why we at admonish you to always THINK BEFORE YOU INK.

Buy U.S. Made Ink Cartridges at Inkpal

It’s easy to find re-manufactured American ink cartridges with a little research. Newsflash: if you see an American flag icon next to any Inkpal product, you can rest assured that that ink cartridge or laser toner was manufactured in the United States. Remember: US ink prints better than imported ink because the ink quality is superior. Good suppliers like Inkpal will help you find an eco-friendly American made printer ink cartridge that will produce quality prints at an affordable price.

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