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Inkjet vs Laser Printer for Home Office & Small Business Printing

”Laser vs Inkjet?" That's the million dollar question when it comes to what printer is best for your home office or small business. As with any good debate, there are printing pros and cons for laser-jets and inkjets and big differences between the two options in terms of cost, speed/performance, and print quality. Take Inkpal's easy quiz to find out what printer is best for you!

Laser versus Inkjet Printers Quiz: Which Printer is Best for You?

In addition to choosing between printer brands like Epson, Canon, Brother and Lexmark, there are a lot of variables that you must take into account when choosing what printer is best for your home office or company. By answering these simple questions, you will be able to determine whether than inkjet or laser-jet works for you and your particular needs.

Volume & Speed: How Much Printing Do You Do?

One of the first questions you need to figure out when choosing between a laser and an inkjet printer is what your printing volume is. How many pages will you realistically need to print each day? This is the most important question when answering the "inkjet vs. laser printer" question. If you're printing out a relatively high volume of more than 20 pages daily at your business or home office, a laser printer is probably best choice for you. If you have a small home office and only need to print out a couple sheets a day, an inkjet printer is probably best for you, especially since you can also save some space in a small business office with the inkjet's compact printer size.

The larger the volume of pages you're printing out, the more important printer speed becomes. There's not much of a contest between inkjets and laser-jets in terms of speed. Inkjet printers even come with smaller capacity paper trays than laser printers, usually capable of holding no more than 50-150 sheets of paper at a time and not very convenient for businesses demanding high volume printing. Go with a laser printer if your home office or small business plans on getting the most out of your printer each day, especially if you want to print crisp and professional black-and-white documents. (If you think you might still go for an inkjet, at least make sure you choose a printer model with a larger capacity paper tray.)

Black & White vs Color Printing: Are You Printing Images & Graphics?

Another big consideration when choosing between an inkjet and a laser-jet printer

is whether or not you're printing color documents with a considerable amount of images and graphics. If image quality is an important factor, you might want to go for an inkjet printer, which will offer you higher quality graphics and image prints but also a slower print speed—more time waiting at the office printer hub.

Inkjet vs. Laser-jet Printer: Cost Per Page Concerns

If you work at a small business advertising agency or a media company, the "Laser printer vs. inkjet printer" can become a more difficult decision, especially considering cost per page. It costs more to print high quality color images, so inkjets usually have a higher cost per page than laser-jet printers. Replacement laser toner cartridges aren't exactly cheap, either, though, unless you buy discount laser toner printer cartridges for less online.

As you can see the "Laser-jet vs Inkjet" debate mostly comes down to how much printing you will do in your home office or small business and whether or not you want to print many color documents. If you are doing a large volume of black and white printing, a laser printer is best for you. If you only want to print a few pages daily with color images, an inkjet is good for your needs. If you're needs fall somewhere between these two options, you're in luck. Inkjet and laser-jet technology has improved a lot in the last few years, so you will still be able to find a laser-jet or inkjet printer that breaks the mold and is a little more advanced. If you want to save a little more money with your new inkjet or laser-jet printer, try out our cheap but eco friendly replacement ink and toner cartridges.

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