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Green Printing Tips: Cheap, Eco Friendly & Good for the Environment:

Green printing is becoming the trend in environmentally friendly offices across the US. You may not know it yet, but printing green has a lot of benefits for both you and the environment. Go green printing is not just eco friendly and good for the environment, it's also cheaper and more affordable for you. Find our top green printing tips and solutions below.

Print Green! Go Green Printing Solutions & Tips.

Go green printing is about more than just what products and printers you need to buy. While there are certain types of products that are more environmentally friendly than others, there are a couple things you can actually do that will quickly cut down the size of your business' carbon footprint and printing costs. Here are our top green printing solutions that any office or business can implement to go green ASAP.

Doubled Sided Printing Green.

Duplex Printing If you start printing double sided, you will cut your office paper costs in half. You don't have to buy an automatic duplex printer to take advantage of all of the benefits of duplex green printing. While it might take a little more time, most inkjet and laser printers have the capacity to duplex print manually. With double sided printing, you not only can breathe easier with the personal satisfaction of knowing you saved money by following this green printing tip, you can feel good about also keeping a few more trees from being cut down and more oxygen in the air.

Go Green Font Tips.

Font Choice Another green printing solution has to do with green fonts, and we're not talking about the color. Did you know that what font you choose for your Microsoft document can actually affect your green printing budget? Certain fonts (mostly the bold, serif fonts like Times New Roman) actually require more printer ink and therefore cost you more in the long run to use. The more ink you use to print each letter, the more ink cartridges you need to buy and throw away (but hopefully recycle). Learn more about what fonts use the least amount of ink and are the cheapest and most affordable to use.

Recycling & Environmental Printing.

Most environmentalists will agree that duplex printing and font choice are quick and easy ways to go green and cut down printing costs, but recycling is one of the best ways to embrace go green printing head on. You may not know or you just may not like to think about it, but all of those toner & ink cartridges you buy every month for your office or for your home desktop printer are not good for the environment. The harmful chemicals used to make printer ink only make our constantly growing landfills more toxic with every new printer cartridge we add to the mix, usually 450 million a year. What can we do about this?

Go Green & Recycle Empty Ink Cartridges.

You don't have to throw your empty ink cartridge in the trash when you're done with it. That ink cartridge you're thinking about throwing away can actually be recycled and reused. If you want to truly adopt go green printing, take the little extra time required and collect your empty ink cartridges in your home and office and drop off your empty ink cartridges at an ink cartridge recycling center like your local Humane Society every few months. If you live in the Palm Coast, Florida area, you can stop by the Inkpal offices and even receive a nice store discount if you recycle your ink cartridges with us.

Environmentally Friendly Green Printing Companies.

At Inkpal's online ink store, we not only accept empty ink cartridges for recycling, we also do our best to keep the green printing process going by refurbishing and restoring recycled ink cartridges because there is absolutely no reason why they can't be reused again. Inkpal puts a special focus on offering top quality (but still cheap in price) US made printer ink cartridges that will not only cut down on unnecessary e waste, but also save you money in the long run. Saving the green in the environment and your wallet is what successful go green printing solutions are all about.

Green Print with Discount Recycled Ink Cartridges.

Now you know a few quick tips and solutions to start go green printing right away. Start out by changing your font to Century Gothic, turning your pages over and printing on both sides, and recycling your empty ink cartridges, but for the cheapest discounts and savings, buy remanufactured recycled printer ink and toner for 50 to 70% less from Inkpal's online green printing store.

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