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Earth-Friendly Printer Ribbons for Less

Always purchase your fax ribbons, thermal ribbons and point-of-sale printer ribbons for less at


We have unparalleled discounts, and offer high quality compatible ribbons for numerous dot matrix printer models. There are two ways for you to easily find a compatible ribbon for your machine: 

1.Search for your discount printer ribbon specifically by entering your printer model or cartridge number in the SEARCHBOX on our home page.


2.Click on Printer Ribbon on the menu bar above and pick your printer brand to get started and we'll connect you with your printer ribbon!



What Is A Printer Ribbon?


Used in a variety of printers, a printer ribbon is a cloth soaked in regular ink or wax based inks that yields printouts. While printer ribbons are in lower demand now than they have been in past decades, there are still machines out there that require ribbons, including thermal transfer printers and impact printers (dot matrix). The majority of today’s printers, however, use cartridges filled with liquid ink or toner powder instead. Thermal printers usually require ribbons that come in individual rolls, and are heated up while being pressed to paper to produce print outs. In terms of consistency, thermal ribbons are very similar to a sheet of wax paper, and come in a variety of colors. To ease the installation process, dot matrix or impact matrix printers typically arrive in cartridges, and work by impacting an ink soaked cloth ribbon with a print head to put small dots of ink on paper.

If you can't find a compatible ribbon for your machine, let us know using our Contact Us Page and we will do our best to find a product that works with your equipment.



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