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Business and Non-Profit Recycling Organizations:


Recycle all empty cartridges. It’s better for the environment and your wallet.

If you're interested in finding business and non-profit recycling organizations that will accept empty ink cartridges, you have definitely come to the right place. offers only recycled ink cartridges and laser toners. When you buy our re-manufactured ink cartridges, you are doing a lot more than just getting a high quality ink product at a substantially lower price. Along with supporting a small business enterprise, you are most importantly doing your best to prevent one more perfectly reusable empty ink cartridge from being added to a landfill. 

Our goal is to create a useful recycling index so our customers can find out anything they need to know about how to help keep our planet beautiful. If you have any questions regarding the sites listed here, make sure to contact them directly. has no involvement with any of the sites listed and is not responsible for its content.

Businesses That Will Accept Your Empties

Below you will find a list of businesses that will accept your empties. Make sure to shop around, though, as not all of them accept all types of cartridges.  Some only accept unused or virgin ink cartridges, while some businesses accept both virgin and non virgin ink and toner cartridges. has no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below. If you have any questions make sure you directly contact the business in question.

Recycle4Charity accepts your Empty Toners and Inkjets for Charity donations. Contact them directly at 1-800-588-7960 to find out more. Has links to a number of recycling sites that you can contact. In fact, they have link to recycle almost anything. Contact the various sites and they will gladly help you out.


The Environmental Protection Agency is an agency that helps regulate our clean water, air pollution, green living and eco-system.

Earth 911

Earth911 is a large site that will educate its visitors about green living and recycling. You can read up on any type of recycling and also find local recycling plants and businesses that accept recycled goods.

Ecycler creates new ways to recycle by connecting people who have recyclables they want to give away--including cans, bottles and newspapers--with those wishing to collect them. Ecycler provides an eco-friendly and much needed alternative for the many households, businesses and schools in our country that are not offered convenient curbside recycling or free curbside pickup.


At, you can learn interesting recycling facts that are so convincing that they may drive you to even more actively make a difference. Learn about why recycling is important, what you can do through the "reduce reuse recycle" principle, and the many recycling symbols mean. Also, pick up recycling tips to use in the home, office and more.

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