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Earth-Friendly Laser Toner Cartridges for Less


 If you have a laser printer at your home or office, you know how expensive it can be to buy replacement laser toner cartridges. While retail price laser toners can cost hundreds of dollars if you buy them directly from the manufacturer, you can save up to 70% when you buy discount laser toners from eco-friendly suppliers like Inkpal.


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To prove that there is no difference in either the print quality or the page yield of our discount laser toners when compared to the brand-name, we performed a test with 10 unbiased participants. 9 out of 10 could not tell the difference between our laser toner and the manufacturer's full-priced laser toner. Check out the comparison printout. Can you tell the difference? Why pay more for the same?

Laser Toners

 Laser toners use a toner powder that is burned into the paper during the printing process. Keep in mind that toners are typically more expensive than inks, as they will last you longer, but you won't have to buy them as often due to their increased page yield.

Our laser toner cartridges are easy to install and guaranteed to be compatible with the featured name brand printer models. Find your laser toner below by first clicking on your printer's logo, then select the appropriate printer series and model number to see a list of all laser toners compatible with your particular machine.

MICR Toners

 Magnetic Ink Character Recognition toners are used mainly for printing checks, but have also proven useful for various industries worldwide. MICR toner cartridges use a magnetic powder, and special scanners are needed to detect the magnetic components. You have most likely seen your bank teller or cashier run your check through a small scanner, which detects the iron oxide, and validates the authenticity of the check.

Our compatible cartridges will work with the brands you see outlined in our shopping section below. Just click on your printers logo, select the appropriate printer series, and a list will populate with all of the printers that our MICR toners are compatible with.

Copier Toners

Copier toners also use toner powder, but are designed to fit certain copy machines only. We offer various brands of high quality cartridges, and provide great value for their cost. If you need any help locating a compatible copier toner cartridge, or get confused about anything throughout the selection process, have a quick scroll to the bottom of the page to find the email address for our customer support department.

Make sure you always check the approximate page yield when making your purchase, as this will give you a way to gauge how long each product will last you. Click your printer's logo below, then select the appropriate printer series and model to see all of the copier toners compatible with your machine.

Fax Toners

Fax toners differ from regular laser toners in that they are specifically designed to be compatible with fax machines, not with regular laser printers. If you need an affordable toner cartridge for your fax machine, browse our quality fax toner inventory below. offers a wide selection of compatible fax toner cartridges.

To get started, first click on the logo of your particular printer band and then select the appropriate printer series and model number. Odds are that you will find a fax laser toner compatible with your very own machine.


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