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Why You Should Recycle:

It is really important for all of us to try to make an effort to recycle our empty Laser Toner Cartridges and Ink Cartridges. If everyone makes a small effort, it could make a big difference, plus it could put a little cash in your pocket. We list some of the major reasons why:

·         Keep cartridges out of our landfills.
·         Create more jobs and help stimulate our economy.
·         Get cash back or donate your cartridges to non-profit organizations.

Keep the cartridges out of our landfills.

This is probably one of the most important reasons to recycle your empty ink cartridges. Each year, over 300 million empty ink or toner cartridges end up on our landfills. It is hard to imagine how much that really is. The best analogy we can come up with to help you comprehend the amount of cartridges thrown away is this: the total weight of cartridges that end up on our dumps annually is equal to about 67,612 Ford Explorers. This mountain of cartridges just grows and grows every year, and these materials do not decompose that easily. It takes the average toner over 500 years to break down. The chemicals then end up seeping into our lands and waters. Help prevent this by purchasing compatible and re-manufactured cartridges. Buying re-manufactured cartridges for printer will help counter the usage of natural resources and energy needed to produce a virgin or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cartridge. Did you know that it takes 3.5 quarts of oil to produce the average toner cartridge and only 2 ½ ounces for the average ink cartridge?

Create more jobs and help stimulate the economy.

This reason pretty much speaks for itself. The more cartridges recycled, the more local US-based businesses can purchase and convert to compatible, re-manufactured or re-filled cartridges. That means more jobs created. By keeping the cartridges out of our landfills, it will even help lower our taxes. That sounds pretty good to us here at, especially considering today's economy. The OEM manufacturers talk down the compatible and re-manufactured business, but did you ever wonder why? If small businesses selling affordably priced re-manufactured ink cartridges grow more popular, it will start cutting into the manufacturer's profits. They will not be able to charge an arm and a leg for their cartridges. The compatible and re-manufactured products sells have been tested and meet the same standards as the OEM’s, only for up to 70% less in price.

Get cash back or donate your cartridges to non-profit organizations.

There are two basic recycling programs out there today. You can either donate your empties for a cash return, or you can donate them to non-profit organizations, such as schools or charity clubs raising money for their specific cause. We provide more detail about this in How to Recycle Your Empties, so read more about it there. So you know, most of these programs do not accept non-virgin cartridges, and some only specialize in Inkjets. Take your time and look around for the specific program that best suits your needs. There are a great number of different recycling sites/programs out there that will accept your empty cartridges.

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