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Brother LC61Y / LC65Y Yellow Compatible Ink Cartridge

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Inkpal's Brother LC61Y / LC65Y Yellow Ink Cartridge is a compatible model of Brother's popular Ink Cartridge.

This distinguished Brother LC61Y / LC65Y Yellow Ink Cartridge is a reliable 750 page-high capacity inkjet cartridge custom-built to work with the Brother printers listed in our compatibility checklist below.

Inkpal's Brother LC61Y / LC65Y Yellow Ink Cartridge wholly conforms to the quality requirements of ISO-9001, ensuring that the Ink Cartridge will function as well or in some cases even better than the same OEM ink cartridge.

Printers Compatible With Our LC61Y / LC65Y Yellow Ink Cartridge

DCP Series

DCP-165C          DCP-375CW          DCP-385C          DCP-395CN          DCP-585CW DCP-J125          DCP-J140W          DCP-J715W

MFC Series 

MFC-250C          MFC-255CW          MFC-290C          MFC-295CN          MFC-490CW MFC-495CW          MFC-5490CN          MFC-5890CN          MFC-5895CW                    MFC-6490CW          MFC-6890CDW          MFC-6890DW          MFC-790CW          MFC-795CW          MFC-990CW          MFC-J220          MFC-J265W          MFC-J270W MFC-J410W          MFC-J415W          MFC-J615W          MFC-J630W

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