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Dell 341-3568 (KH225) Black Compatible U.S. Made Laser Toner

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Our U.S. Made Dell 341-3568 (KH225) Laser Toner is a compatible copy of Dell’s virgin Laser Toner. 

Our Dell 341-3568 (KH225) Laser Toner yields around 4000 pages, which means that it is equipped with enough toner to print at least 4000 standard pages before you need to order a new Inkpal Laser Toner. 

Our Dell 341-3568 (KH225) Laser Toner was specially designed to comply with fundamental ISO-9001 product quality standards, ensuring that your cartridge will produce prints as well or even more efficiently than its OEM counterpart. The U.S. Made 341-3568 (KH225) Laser Toner can be used with every one of the printers located in our current compatibility list below. 

Printers Compatible with Our 341-3568 (KH225) Toner Cartridge


Dell Series


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