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HP C6578DN (HP 78XL) Color Remanufactured Ink Cartridge

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Our HP C6578DN (HP 78XL) Color Ink Cartridge is a remanufactured model of HP's virgin Ink Cartridge.

Inkpal's recycled HP C6578DN (HP 78XL) Color Ink Cartridge is an efficient regular capacity ink cartridge with a yield page of 560 pages specifically manufactured for the printers displayed in our compatibility list below.

Our HP C6578DN (HP 78XL) Color Ink Cartridge wholly complies with the regulatory quality specifications of ISO-9001, letting you know that it will produce prints as well or even more efficiently than its OEM counterpart.

Printers Compatible With Our C6578DN (HP 78XL) Color Ink Cartridge

HP Color Copier Series

180          190          280          290 

HP DeskJet Series

1180c          1220c/ps          1220cse          1220cxi          3820          6122          6127          920c          930c          932c          935c          940c          940cvr          950c         952c          959c          960c          960cse          960cxi          970cse          970cxi          980cxi          990cm          990cse          990cxi          995c          995ck          9300

HP Digital Copier Series


HP Fax Series

1220          1220xi          1230          1230xi

HP OfficeJet Series

5110          5110v          5110xi          G55 MFP          G55xi MFP          G85 MFP          G85xi MFP          G95 MFP          K60 MFP          K60xi MFP          K80 MFP          K80xi MFP          V40 MFP          V40xi MFP

HP PhotoSmart Series

1000xi          1115          1215          1215vm          1218          1218xi          1315          P1000          P1000xi          P1100          P1100xi

HP PSC Series

720          750          750xi          760          950          950vr          950xi

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