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Lexmark 1380950 Black Compatible U.S. Made MICR Toner

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Our U.S. Made compatible Lexmark 1380950 MICR Toner is a cost-effective and durable substitute for Lexmark's more expensive name-brand MICR Toner.

Our Lexmark 1380950 MICR Toner boasts an excellent page yield of 12800, meaning that it will print a total of 12800 pages before print quality fully deteriorates.

Every Lexmark 1380950  MICR Toner fully abides by the high quality conditions set by ISO-9001, comforting you to know that this MICR Toner will yield prints as well or more efficiently than the typical OEM MICR Toner. The eco-friendly 1380950 MICR Toner was specifically manufactured for each of the printers present in our compatibility checklist below.

Printers Compatible With Our 1380950 MICR Toner Cartridge

Lexmark 4039 Series

4039     4039 Model 10R     4039 Model 10R Duplex     4039 Model 12L     4039 Model 12L Plus     4039 Model 12R     4039 Model 12R Plus     4039 Model 16L     4039 Model 16L Plus

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